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172nd Engineer Battalion (United States Army) STICKER Die-Cut Vinyl Decal

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172nd Engineer Battalion (United States Army) STICKER Die-Cut Vinyl Decal

Spice up your MacBook, Laptop, Car, Water bottle or any other flat smooth surface with this full color glossy laminated decal. This decal is solvent printed on 6mil vinyl with a 1.5mil layer of laminate to protect from water, UV and scratches. Printed in the USA.


A Silver color metal and enamel device blazoned:  Per fess embattled Sable and Gules masoned Argent (Silver), in base an ace of the first; perched upon the embattled wall a griffin passant Or, holding in its dexter paw a lightning bolt bend sinisterwise Tenné and a key palewise, wards upward and to dexter Celeste (Oriental Blue), within a demi-orle of five segments Celeste (Light Blue), of the fifth, of the sixth, of the second and of the fourth.  Attached below and wrapping to the sides a Black scroll inscribed “PUGNA PROUT UNUS” in Silver letters.


The castle wall represents the Engineering unit that provides the foundation of the original unit of the Special Troops Battalion and also represents the current Engineer Battalion.  The griffin alludes to the tactical strength and defense capability of the unit provided by the Military Police element.  The lightning bolt symbolizes the command and control elements of the Signal asset.  The key signifies the knowledge that the Military Intelligence asset provided to the Brigade by the Battalion.  The ace is a good luck symbol for the newly formed unit.  It also provides continuity for the unit as a connection to how the ace was used by Soldiers in previous conflicts and wars.  The five colors are for the five assets that make up the Special Troops Battalion:  light blue is the color associated with Infantry, orange is for the Signal Corps, oriental blue is for the Military Intelligence, red represents the Engineers and yellow is for the Military Police.  The motto translates to “Fight As One.”


The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the Special Troops Battalion, 72d Brigade Combat Team, 36th Infantry Division on 21 April 2010.  It was redesignated with the blazon and symbolism updated for the 172d Engineer Battalion effective 1 September 2016.