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21st Aviation Battalion (United States Army) STICKER Die-Cut Vinyl Decal

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21st Aviation Battalion (United States Army) STICKER Die-Cut Vinyl Decal

Spice up your MacBook, Laptop, Car, Water bottle or any other flat smooth surface with this full color glossy laminated decal. This decal is solvent printed on 6mil vinyl with a 1.5mil layer of laminate to protect from water, UV and scratches. Printed in the USA.


A silver color metal and enamel device consisting of an upright silver symbol for man on a blue area between a silver wing spread and an orange enarched band scalloped on the top edge from wing tip to wing tip, bearing the inscription "PEACE AND WAR" in silver letters.


Golden orange and ultramarine blue are the colors used for Aviation units.  The three units composing the design represent the command and supervision for three to seven transport aircraft and/or helicopter companies, with the blue area enclosed by the wingspread and the enarched band representing the area of control and the symbol for man reflecting the personnel and administrative factors.  The scalloped edge simulates both a parachute and a wheel and refers to the paradrop and landing, as well as the mobility aspects of the unit's capabilities while the wings symbolize both the fixed and rotary wing aircraft employed by the Battalion.


The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 5 October 1967.