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43rd Adjutant General Battalion (U.S. Army) 12oz Enamel Mug

43rd Adjutant General Battalion (U.S. Army) 12oz Enamel Mug

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43rd Adjutant General Battalion (U.S. Army) 12oz Enamel Mug

Every happy camper needs a unique camper mug. It's lightweight, durable and multifunctional. Use it for your favorite beverage or a hot meal, and attach it to your bag for easy access on a hike.

• Material: Enamel
• Dimensions: height 3.14″ (8 cm), diameter 3.25″(8.25 cm), 12oz
• White coating with a silver rim
• Hand-wash only

Attention! Don't heat liquids or food directly in the mug—it can damage the coating.


A Silver color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches (3.02 cm) in height overall consisting of a shield blazoned:  Azure (Dark Blue), on a bend Gules fimbriated Argent a sword of the like entwined by a branch of laurel Vert; and attached above and below the shield a Blue scroll doubled Silver inscribed "SOLDIERS FOR" at the top and "FREEDOM" at the bottom, all in Silver letters.

Dark blue and scarlet are the colors traditionally associated with The Adjutant General's Corps.  The bend alludes to reinforcement and strength.  The sword, representing military might, is entwined by a branch of laurel, signifying victory.  Together, they exemplify the unit's campaign participation in the Pacific during World War II and its contribution to worldwide peace and freedom.

The distinctive unit insignia was approved for 15 May 1987.


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